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How To Tell If Water Softener Is Bad

Welcome To PuroNews Gschreiber@puroliteusaAbout "The unit is working perfectly but the water is bad. What is the problem with the Is there Chlorine in the feed water to the softener? If a Private Well, is Iron present in the feed water and is it Ferrous I am sure that many of you can tell us… Read More »

Water Softener Controls Manual

Water Conditioning Control System Installation, Operation And …Conditioned water position (6 o’clock) after a manual The salt dial controls the amount of brine used during Fouled softener resin. c. Incorrect salt setting. d. Incorrect hardness or capacity settings. e. Water hardness has increased. f. … Content Retrieval Aqua I Series Softener Operation Manual – AquacliniqAqua… Read More »